Christmas is one of few holidays celebrated on all corners of the earth. Many cultures rely on unique traditions to guide them through their Christmas celebrations. There is, however, something to be said for breaking out of the traditional mould. Though it may be unconventional in the UK, a hog roast is a perfect choice for your Christmas dinner.

Hog Roasts are Great in the Winter

Christmas Hog Roast Ideas

Christmas Hog Roast Ideas

Many hosts are likely inclined to avoid meals that require outdoor preparation in the winter, but standing near a roasting hog is a sure way to keep warm in the cold. Once you’ve set your hog on the spit, little effort is necessary until the last few minutes of the roast.

Cold weather is also a perfect conductor for the delicious smell of a roasting hog. While walking up to your house, guests will quickly find their appetites and Christmas spirit.

The Perfect Meal for Christmas

Above all, the perfect Christmas meal should inspire a sense of togetherness among all your guests. Perhaps because of their old-fashioned nature, hog roasts have a tendency to establish a common ground accessible by everyone at your party.

Roasting any type of meat encourages the basting of home-made sauces and seasoning. You can add some Christmas flair to your hog by rubbing it with sauces heavy in ginger, rosemary and clove — and a dash of peppermint as the finishing touch.

Easy to Prepare and Serve

Convenience and ease of preparation are important factors when planning a meal for any holiday. On Christmas, a day for spending time with your family, convenience is especially important.

Aside from the initial set-up, roasting a hog is easier than cooking any indoor meal. For several hours, the roast will require almost no attention at all. Increasing the heat near the end of the roast is an optional way to add a crispiness to the hog’s skin. As an additional bonus, there are far fewer dishes to clean than after an in-depth indoor meal.

Another option is to hire a hog roast company in Birmingham or one local to you. You can have them cook, prepare and serve the food whilst providing a variety of sides, this keeps you hands free over Christmas, leaving you to enjoy your food.

Roasted hog fits perfectly with other staples of traditional Christmas cuisine. Caramelised potatoes and pickled red cabbage are among great options for sides. Best of all, providing your guests with a range of sauces is an easy way to please nearly everyone.

Though it may be a step away from the norm, a hog roast is an ideal meal for any Christmas party. With easy preparation and options for everyone, nothing will bring your family closer together than a roasted hog.

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