Corporate events can increase the productivity of a company or group. Planners want the event to be professional and effective. Adding fun to the mix in no way takes away any businesslike purpose. The difference between an ordinary event and one that is unforgettable is often the food.

An event that includes hog roast catering is a crowd-pleaser that wows those attending. A hog roast provides a combination of fun and great food. The side dishes that go with a hog roast allow the planner and the caterer to throw a not-so-common tasting party.

An international menu, serving food from Germany, Hawaii, Poland, or Asia is something different from the ordinary and is gives guests something to talk about. Adding to an around-the-world theme, have food stations for foods served in multiple countries. Suggestions include roasted chicken, sauerkraut, and bratwurst from Germany, spring rolls and Pad Thai at a Thai station, tagines from Morocco, and paella and tapas for a Spanish station.

Pizza and wine

Corporate Event

Corporate Event

As an Italian section or another choice that helps employees feel motivated and appreciated is a catered pizza party. Pizza caterers offer special salads and pasta that go well with pizza or give another choice to hand-tossed pizzas. You can also find stone baked pizza caterers which offer  comprehensive pizza menus which go much futher than your standard margherita.Wines from Argentina, Australia, France, and Italy add a little more to the around-the-world idea.

A display of finger foods and other types of appetizers gives guests an sort upper class experience. Have cold and hot foods set up in different locations for variety. The separate areas give people a reason to move and mingle. For a busy day ahead, treat corporate employees to an indoor picnic. Especially during the summer months, a picnic with all the bells and whistles, set up in the comfort of a break or meeting room is a real treat.

Ordering nicely packaged lunches-in-a-box is a thoughtful, yet common idea. Jazz up the event with drinks other than the standard water and soda. Have a caterer create a special non-alcoholic punch with special items such as fresh fruit floating in the punch bowl. The added touch shows people thought went into the plans for the event.

Build your own bar

Build your Own Bar

Build your Own Bar

A build-your-own-bar for hotdogs, tacos, or baked potatoes allows people to fix the food they way they like it. A dessert happy hour is a great way to end a meeting or event. Bring out the childhood memories by serving favorites like rootbeer floats, make-your-own sundaes, and ice cream bars.

During the holidays, a Twelve Courses of Christmas involves treats for drink- and taste-testings. The type of event is a two-for-one bargain. The menu also is the entertainment. The portions are small. People enjoy each course without feeling stuffed. A variety of cocktails, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts, and coffees make an entertaining evening. To have 12 courses, double up on some categories and give those attending a choice or a chance to sample both.

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  1. I love your idea to find a stone baked pizza caterer. Another cool idea I’ve heard of is to do a Brazilian rodizio. They basically cook a whole bunch of meat and waiters walk around with slabs of meat offering every table different meats they can try.

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